Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 5:12-14

When Peter wrote a letter, he dealt with doctrine. He said that it was of primary importance to believe the truth about Christ. Then he went on to say that because we believe these things, this is how we ought to live. Peter was not only an idea person, he was also a people person. Because he believed what he did about Christ, he was interested in individuals. So he sends his greetings.

He reminds those to whom he is writing that because he is concerned about them, and knows they will suffer for the sake of Christ, he wants to encourage them. We are all surrounded by people who are related to us in one way or another. Like Peter, we must have genuine concern for them. The Christian faith should lead us, not to having starry eyed ideas about the whole human race, but to express care for individual flesh and blood people who are hurting in one way or another. Some people discourage others. Some ignore others. But we are to encourage people, to help them along the pathway of life. Are you an encourager? You should be. Here in verse 13, Babylon is probably a code word for Rome. Peter is saying that all the members of the church at Rome want the readers of this letter to know they care about them. The people to whom he is writing are also to care about each other.


Father, because of what we believe about Your Son Jesus Christ, give us genuine concern for people. In His name. Amen.