Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 1:1-4

Peter speaks about precious faith. Like Paul, he sees this as a gift of God. Salvation is of pure grace. We could not believe did not God give us the gift of faith. Such grace should overwhelm us with gratitude. Many do not believe and live lives of emptiness as a result. But I believe, because God who is gracious to all, has been especially gracious to me. How can I thank Him enough? I must live for Him. I cannot possibly do enough in His service.

Peter also speaks of precious promises. Think of all of the promises in the Bible addressed to those who trust in Christ. Promises of physical and spiritual blessings. Promises regarding this life and the life to come. This is a gift. We do not deserve these promises, but they are made to us because of God’s grace.

Peter says that these precious promises should have two results. One is that we may “escape the corruption that is in the world” (v. 4). Sin has devastating consequences. The headlines in our newspapers tell us about this every day. Trusting in the precious promises, we are kept from sin and its tragic results. The other result of the precious promises is that we “become partakers of the divine nature” (v. 4). Salvation not only rescues us from evil, it enables us to become more like God Himself.


Father, thank You for giving us faith and thank You for giving us such precious promises. In Jesus’ name. Amen.