Add to Your Faith

Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 1:5-11

As a result of simple childlike trust in Jesus Christ all of our sins are forgiven, we are God’s children, we can be sure of heaven. But it is certainly not God’s plan that we stop there. We are commanded by our Savior to add to our faith.

What are we to add? We are to add virtue (goodness). We are to seek to be good people, doing good to others. We are to add knowledge. We are to understand more fully who God is, who we are and what our purpose is here on earth. We are to add self control. We live in an age when people do whatever they feel like doing. We are to be self disciplined, controlling our feelings and our desires. We are to add steadfastness. We are not to be flighty, but dependable people. We are to be godly, seeing to reflect the character of God in our daily behavior. We are to have brotherly affection. We are to have tender feelings toward other people, caring what is happening to them. Above all we are to have love, which is not a fuzzy feeling, but a determination to do what is good for others no matter how they treat us. God wants us to bear fruit. He wants to see good works spring up from the root of faith. How do we know God has chosen us for salvation? When we see these Christlike characteristics developing in our lives (v. 10).


Father, we praise You that we are saved by childlike trust in Your Son. For His sake. Amen.