Like Beasts

Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 2:10-12

This passage speaks of evil persons. As we read of violent crimes taking place today, we see a similar picture. It is not pretty, but it is reality. We are all sinners, but some sins are more horrible than others. The lesson we can learn from this passage is that there are attitudes very displeasing to God, and He will severely punish those who do not repent of such attitudes. The evil men described here are “bold” (v. 10). There is such a thing as holy boldness, daring to do great things for God. But God is angry with those who are bold in doing evil. To stir up the anger of God is to put oneself in great danger.

Another characteristic condemned here is “slander” (v. 10). We must be careful not to speak falsely regarding others. This is a strong temptation, to gossip when we are not sure of our facts.

Yet another evil characteristic is blasphemy (v. 12). Some jokes told by Christians sometimes border on blasphemy. Let us be very careful how we speak about sacred things.

Some people “live by instinct” (v. 12), their actions are in response to their hormones rather than their brains. Christians are to be self disciplined. They are not to “do what feels good” but to do what the Bible says is right.


Father, open the eyes of people who live evil lives that they may repent and be saved. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.