Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 2:13-16

Pleasure in itself is certainly not wrong. God made us to enjoy the good world He has given us. But some people find pleasure in good activities, while others find it in evil deeds. Some people enjoy carousing (v. 13), that is, they love to get drunk together. The high incidence of binge drinking on college campuses is cause for great sadness. Christian young people, steer clear of such activities. And there are many who indulge in carousing off the college campuses as well. Not only does this create much harm, including sexual misconduct, but God is angry with such behavior.

Peter also mentions “adultery” (v. 14). Influential forces such as television give the impression that such behavior is acceptable, but it is not acceptable to God! Christians are to be different.

Peter mentions “greed” (v. 14). Many who steer clear of drunkenness and adultery are overcome by greed. It is so easy to be greedy and not be aware of it. We are to love people and use money, not love money and use people! Thinking of greed, Peter reminds us of the bad example of Balaam, a prophet in the Old Testament. He was offered money to prophesy against Israel. How foolish! There are many Balaams today.


Father, we know there are forms of behavior against which you have warned us in Your Word. Give us the grace to heed such warnings. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.