Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 2:17-22

Peter continues to describe ungodly people. He says “they entice people” (v. 18). How descriptive of drug dealers, prostitutes and many others who lure people into sin for their own financial gain. But not only such individuals fit this description. Peter says “they promise them freedom” (v. 19). Many modern philosophies emphasize the idea of doing whatever feels good, leading people to think they can find freedom. But what is the result. People become addicted to alcohol, drugs, sinful sexual practices. They become enslaved. They suffer in a number of ways.

Sometimes those who once claimed to be committed to Christ get involved in such addictions (v. 20). By making such unwise decisions, they end up in a worse condition than before they confessed the faith. Such people “turn their back on sacred things” (v. 21). How often do we not see this happen. Let us pray earnestly for such people, that they may repent and be restored to a blessed relationship to Christ. Let us examine our own lives to see if we have turned our backs on the good habits we once had of Bible reading, prayer and worship at every opportunity the church offers us. Peter doesn’t mince any words. He says that people who turn their backs on sacred things act like dogs and pigs!


Father, keep us close to You and work powerfully in the hearts of people who have slipped away from Christ. In His name.