Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 3:1-7

Once again Peter states that his purpose is not to teach strange new doctrine. Beware of anyone who teaches doctrines which you have not already heard in an evangelical church. Rather, Peter’s purpose is to remind them of the fundamentals of the faith.

Notice Peter’s purpose for such reminders, “to stimulate you to wholesome thinking” (v. 1). As a person thinks, so is he. Our thoughts affect our emotions and our actions. There are many sources of stimulation to unwholesome thinking today. Read the Bible every day to counteract such sources. We find “the words spoken in the past” (v. 2), of which Peter speaks, in the Bible.

The second coming of Christ is one of the fundamentals of the faith. Someone has estimated that it is referred to in one verse out of every 13 in the New Testament. But there are many strange ideas about that event, so study your Bible with great care. This present universe will be destroyed (v. 7). Therefore, lay not up for yourself treasures on earth. This is a hard saying for Christians in some parts of the world, because the whole society is materialistic. We need material things to live, but let us get our priorities straight, and focus on those things which are eternal.


Father, we thank You for Your Word. May our daily study of the Scriptures keep us from being led astray. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.