The Day of the Lord

Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 3:8-10

Jesus said He would return to earth. When Peter wrote, decades had passed and it hadn’t happened. Peter says that you must remember that God’s timetable is different than ours (v. 8). Now centuries have passed, but we must remember two truths, God keeps His promises and His timetable and ours differ greatly. He is coming again! One reason He has waited is to give people time to repent (v. 9), because when He comes it will be too late. This fact should cause us to be urgent with the gospel invita- tion. So many do not have Christ as Savior, they need to know and believe and it is our job to tell them. Words of HOPE is doing this by broadcasting the gospel in over 40 languages, many of them languages in which the gospel was never broadcast before.

When Christ comes again it will be suddenly. He will take people off their guard. Many will be living complacently. Suddenly they will be facing Christ “who is coming again to judge the living and the dead.” This earth will be destroyed by fire (v. 10) and replaced with a new earth. The Bible presents us with doctrine that we may take this truth and let it determine our priorities. This truth ought not to cause us to disregard our responsibility in caring for the present earth, for we are to be good stewards.


Father, prepare us for the world to come and help us to take better care of the world we now live in. In Jesus’ name. Amen.