Look Forward

Harry Buis

READ : 2 Peter 3:11-16

Doctrine ought to lead to the right kind of living (v. 11). Because this world will perish, we ought to give our priorities to that which is eternal, and therefore “live holy and godly lives.”

Many people are depressed. Involved in depression is loss of hope, that is, nothing to look forward to. But Peter says believers have something great to look forward to, a new heaven and a new earth. There all that depressed us now will be gone. This great event will take place on “the day of God,” the judgment day that the Old Testament prophets mentioned so often as they sought to encourage the people of God to live godly lives. How can we “speed” (v. 12) the coming of that day? Jesus said He would not come again until the gospel had been heard by all nations. Apparently we can speed that day by preaching the gospel all over the world.

Peter connects looking forward to that day to godly living (v. 14). That day has not yet come that some of the lost may hear and be saved (v. 15), as Paul also taught. If we cannot understand everything in Paul’s letters, do not be surprised, neither could Peter. Peter recognizes Paul’s writings as Scripture (v. 16).


Father, grip our hearts with the truth of the second coming of Christ and cause it to stimulate us to godly living and to realize we have something wonderful to which we can look forward. In Jesus’ name. Amen.