When all Else Fails,Pray

John Koedyker

READ : Luke 11:9-13
1 John 5:14-15

I have heard this phrase said countless times in my years as a pastor: “All we can do now is pray.” Now certainly that is not an incorrect statement. There are times of very grave illness when the doctors can provide no cure. However, the impression that one gets at times like these is a kind of a “last resort.” Since all the other options have come up empty, we might as well pray about it.

For many people in our culture, prayer seems like a “cop out.” The message we hear in the American dream is, “Work hard and your efforts will be awarded.” The only way to achieve anything is through action. But prayer seems more like inaction. From the surface it seems like a waste of time.

Have you ever stopped to consider why people think this way? Gordon MacDonald, in Ordering Your Private World, says that he suspects that when sin came into the world it affected people’s spiritual dimension the most severely of all, while not diminishing our physical appetites. Therefore, our physical preoccupation with food, sex and security are the same as at creation, but our spiritual hunger for God has been terribly dulled by sin. Unfortunately, there is a lot of spiritual dullness around. However, God has blessed us greatly through the gift of prayer and our duty and great joy is to put it to work.


Dear God, help us to always look to You for whatever our needs are—great or small. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.