In God We Trust

John Koedyker

READ : 2 Chronicles 7:11-22

The Religious News Service carried an article entitled, “In God We (May Still) Trust.” It told how a judge ruled that U.S. currency may continue to carry the motto, “In God We Trust.” The judge, in explaining his ruling, stated that the national slogan is of “historic, patriotic and ceremonial” rather than religious significance.

Is America still a Christian nation? Was it ever? Certainly, references to “the Creator” or “Providence” are numerous in the writings of the founding fathers. However, many were Deists who professed that God had created the world but functioned as a kind of “absentee landlord” who had left the world to its own devices. I read recently that church attendance was at a far lower percentage during the Revolutionary War than it is today. The notion of America as a Christian nation has persisted over the years. Eighty percent of the people considers themselves Christians, but they differ in what it means to be a Christian. Fourteen percent say it just means believing in God. Eleven percent say it means “being religious” or going to church. While 22 percent feel that it means to believe in Jesus as Savior, 19 percent said that they didn’t know. Maybe the judge was right. How we need to pray for America in accordance with our Scripture today.


We especially pray for those who are living their lives apart from You, O Lord. In Your Son’s Name we pray. Amen.