It's Not My Fault

John Koedyker

READ : Genesis 3:1-13

It’s not my fault I lost my job. It’s the boss. He’s got it in for me.” “It’s not my fault I flunked the math test. I’ve got this terrible teacher.” “The accident’s not my fault. The roads were just so icy!” Sound familiar? Explanations like this have become all too common.

There is a growing tendency to “pass the buck” and not take responsibility for things that happen. This phenomenon has been referred to recently as “victimization.” One of the most famous examples of this in the United States today is that of the Menendez brothers, who admitted killing their parents, but refused to take the blame for it. Their reasoning was that their parents had abused them so much that they had no other recourse but to murder them. Others have blamed inferior educational systems and inadequate living conditions.

People are skillful at using the same line of thinking that Adam and Eve used. Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent. When confronted by God with their sin, what we have Adam and Eve saying is, “It’s not my fault. I’m the victim!”

People have not changed since Genesis 3. None of us likes to admit we are wrong. We’ve just become a little more sophisticated at doing it. Sin is sin, and it must be admitted and repented of. The good news is we have a loving heavenly Father who always forgives us.


Father, help me to admit when I’m wrong and receive Your forgiveness and help in the future. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.