Biggest is Best

John Koedyker

READ : Matthew 5:13-16
Matthew 13:31-32

In America, we like things big. We like big houses, big yards, big cars and big stores. We enjoy giant salad bar buffets and extra large sundaes. I read that a majority of us like big churches.

When we lived in Japan, we experienced the exact opposite. There we were amazed by the compact size of so many things. But when our Japanese friends visit the United States, they always remind us that “everything is so big!” It is easy for us to think that “biggest is best.” We tend to think that if something is small, it is insignificant. Is that really true?

Friends of mine had dined at a nice restaurant while on vacation. They had rented a red Pontiac Grand Am and had left it in the parking lot before dinner. After dinner the car was nowhere to be found. There wereno red cars in the parking lot. It seemed that their car had been stolen. Having called the rental company and the police, they waited for their arrival. Then a car pulled into the parking lot and shone its light for a moment on what appeared to be a red Grand Am. It was their car! It had been there all the time but the parking lot light had changed its color to a dull brown. It took a little light to shine for a second to help them find their car. Things don’t always have to be big. God uses mustard seeds and ordinary people to do great things.


Lord, continue to amaze us with the small and ordinary things You use to advance the gospel. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.