Get a New One

John Koedyker

READ : John 20:19-29

We live in what many have called a “consumer society.” We consume things. We use them, and when we are finished with them, we throw them away. Bic pens, disposable razors, paper plates, styrofoam cups all are intended to be used and then tossed out. They have no lasting value.

Although we are getting better at recycling in this country, a culture like Japan has a lot to teach us. Take a simple teacup for example. Molded and made well by hand, it has a durability that will enable it to be used over and over. Because it is never thrown out, it is used generation after generation. It is treasured as a thing of beauty and value rather than for function alone.

This mindset of “getting a new one” so pervades our society that it also carries over to social relationships. If a marriage won’t workanymore, we throw away one mate and look for another. If a friend betrays us, we throw her away and look for another.

It is significant that Jesus never threw anyone away. Though the disciples forsook Jesus when He was arrested, it was to them that our Lord returned after His resurrection. This must have made a big impression on Peter and Thomas who had denied and doubted Jesus. God never throws us away; therefore we should never throw anyone else away.


Pray right now for someone whom it would be very easy for you to “throw away.”