From Riches to Rags to Riches

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Jeremiah 52:24-34

King of Judah! All of the attention and wealth that accompanies kingship was Jehoiachin’s at age eighteen. But the “party” did not last long. In a mere three months Jehoiachin and the people of Judah were conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, carried off to Babylon, and he was imprisoned for 37 years! He went from riches to rags in a matter of days. But sometimes life has pleasant surprises and one day Jehoiachin was released from prison by the successor to Nebuchadnezzar. And what a release it was! He returned to a state of relative riches, treated “like royalty” for the rest of his life!

Isn’t Jehoiachin’s story like the story of a child of God? Our first parents enjoyed riches, power, and continuous joy in the garden of Eden. But, when they were successfully tempted by Satan, they fell and all succeeding generations fell with them. We became imprisoned with Satan as our jailkeeper.

But our “rags” didn’t last forever. Christ has liberated us to enjoy fellowship with God once again. What riches are ours when we are freed by Christ! We hear His kind words to us such as “Come unto me”; we are favored by God over others in His creation; we are clothed in the spotless garments of Jesus; our every earthly need is provided and Christ invites us to eat and drink of His love forever.


Lord, how gracious You are to invite us to share in Your riches as royal children. Thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.