The Minority is Not Always Wrong

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Numbers 13:26-33

In a democratic society, if 51% of the voters favor an issue on which they are given the opportunity to vote, the majority wins and the 49% who were not in favor go along with the majority. But that does not necessarily mean that the majority is right. Sometimes the minority is proven right after the passage of time. That happened in today’s Bible reading.

Moses sent twelve spies to “check out” the Promised Land and bring back a report on their findings. Ten of the twelve reported that an invasion should not happen because there were overwhelming problems. Two of the spies (Joshua and Caleb) said that the obstacles were real, but believed that with God’s help, victory for Israel would be a certainty.

What a man of bold belief is Caleb! He firmly believed that Israel’s God was able to overcome every hurdle that the people would encounter. Six times it is recorded that Caleb followed the Lord wholeheartedly! What a wonderful description of a godly life! What an ideal for every Christian to strive after to be so sensitive to the voice of God that our every action is permeated with a desire to follow in God’s way wholeheartedly! If a biography were written on your life, would the biographer describe you (repeatedly) as one who followed God explicitly? It’s a spiritual goal worthy of pursuit!


Lord, we need Your strength to follow You wholeheartedly. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.