Awed by Wisdom

Bruce Hoffman

READ : 1 Kings 10:1-13

We don’t know her exact name we know her only by title: THE QUEEN OF SHEBA. Scholars tell us that Sheba was probably in southern Arabia or Africa and was located on an important trade route for all points north, including Jerusalem where Solomon reigned as king.

The queen heard repeatedly about the extraordinary wisdom of Solomon. She decided to make the difficult journey to Jerusalem and see for herself. And see she did! Her eyes ballooned when she saw the wealth, and heard the WISDOM of the monarch. The Bible says she tested Solomon with difficult questions, and much to her amazement, he answered them all!

Wisdom! What is it? It is the God-given ability to apply knowledge. One may have knowledge and yet not possess wisdom. Solomon was learned, but he also knew how to use the gift of wisdom from God in a practical way. The older I get, the more I ask God for wisdom. With all of my formal training, I desperately need God’s gift of wisdom to instruct me on what to do in every situation. Solomon was wisest when he asked God for wisdom to govern Israel. God was impressed! We are wise also when we ask God not for fame or fortune, but for wisdom. We are wisest when we ask God to make Himself known to us in Christ.


Lord, help us not to lean on our own understanding but to seek out Your wisdom in every decision. In Jesus’ name. Amen.