Jabez…A Refreshing Oasis

Bruce Hoffman

READ : 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

1 Chronicles 4 is a tedious listing of the descendants of Judah and Simeon. Suddenly, there appears a man who is a spiritual giant for his day as the author gives favorable comment on the uniqueness of JABEZ. He was a standout in a world of mediocrity.

Jabez is declared to be “more honorable than his brothers.” Exactly what that means cannot be known, but a safe guess would indicate that the Lord was central in his life. The relationship that Jabez enjoyed with God produced a life style and behavioral pattern that echoed God’s presence. Such was not the case with his relatives and neighbors.

Jabez was not afraid to ask God for big blessings. He asked God to give him more land and to direct the flow of his life and protect him. Without fanfare, the writer simply says, “God granted his request.”

Christians today live in a world that has little use for God as many live only for self. How important for the believer to be an oasis of righteousness, a standout for God, as was Jabez.

God wants to bless His children. Sometimes we’re too timid to ask God for big things and consequently we may forfeit many blessings. Jabez believed in the complete ability of God to give. How bold are you before the Lord in your requests to Him?


Lord of all righteousness, make us refreshing Christians whose lives bear witness that we have been with You. May we be a blessing to our weary, sinful world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.