The Ideal of Christian Living

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Philippians 2:25-30

Epaphroditus the name sounds like a terminal disease! Though little known, Epaphroditus lived a commendable life, a model of what every Christian’s life ought to be. Who is he? He lived in Philippi and the church there learned that Paul was imprisoned in Rome. They loved Paul and wanted to do something for him. They chose Epaphroditus to make the trip and bring Paul gifts from the congregation.

Paul calls Epaphroditus by three favored terms: “my brother, (my) fellow worker and (my) fellow soldier.” When he calls him a “brother,” he is declaring his common bond in Christ with him. That phrase shows the love Paul had for Epaphroditus and how grateful he was for his support. “Fellow worker” is another lovely term which says that he labored for and with the great apostle. Their hearts beat as one in their work for Jesus. “Fellow soldier” speaks of Epaphroditus as being unafraid to defend the gospel. Like Paul, Epaphroditus faced hostility without backing down. He loved the Lord deeply and would gladly lose his life for the cause of Christ.

You may feel ungifted and maybe your spiritual gifts are few! Yet, God equips all of us with the same basic qualities that He gave Epaphroditus. We can all be brothers/sisters to one another, co-laborers and stalwart defenders of our precious faith.


Lord, You have endowed us with spiritual gifts. May we use them to glorify You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.