Elijah…When Depression Sets In

Bruce Hoffman

READ : 1 Kings 19:1-5

Suddenly, the prophet Elijah makes his appearance (1 Kings 17) in Israel’s history during the reign of wicked Ahab. Though a prophet of renown, he never wrote a book of the Bible as did Isaiah, Jeremiah and others. While Elijah was one of the most courageous of God’s servants, he was very human in that he battled depression.

Many people (including Christians) can identify with the mental misery of Elijah! “Take my life,” said Elijah to God. The great spokesman for God was consumed by negative, depressive feelings. Have you felt that way? Depression is the most common adult psychiatric disorder. On any given day, 5% of the entire population is depressed, say some experts.

I believe very strongly that a deep FAITH IN GOD is a very helpful ingredient for one’s recovery from depression. At least part of Elijah’s anguish was caused by his failure to believe that God could adequately handle the evil Jezebel! We all have “Jezebels” in our lives and the Lord is fully able to conquer each one of them! We must believe that! Psalm 42 addresses those “low moments” when we are ruled by everything but the loving presence of God. “Put your hope in God” (v. 5b), says the writer. Oh, that we could do that always when life hurls its worst at us!


Lord, when the dark hours of life overwhelm us and we struggle to go on, help us put our hope in You. In Jesus’ name.