The Socialite Who Became Salt

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Genesis 19:15-28

How innocent it appears . . . that last backward look of Lot’s wife at the wicked city of Sodom. Yet, there was nothing innocent about it, for the fatal act revealed much about her life.

Mrs. Lot suffered from the subtle disease of a divided heart. She had no particular “bone to pick” with God, but at the same time she loved her worldly lifestyle. When she looked back (in spite of direct warning not to), that act revealed at least a partial unwillingness to let go of the world’s attractions.

Here is a woman who from all appearances was upright! She was not given to illicit sex as were her neighbors; she was not a thief, but she was guilty of robbing herself of much joy. Mrs. Lot tried to do what Jesus warned against serve two masters. Her divided heart must have given her far more frustration than satisfaction. She wanted to be identified with the godly and keep company with the world as well. That last look back is so telling!

The sudden conclusion to her life ought to cause us to see that God’s patience with a divided heart does end. He calls us to infiltrate His world with His love, while loving Him with an undivided heart. Jesus said it pointedly and with warning: “Remember Lot’s wife!” (Luke 17:32).


Sovereign Lord, keep our desires from straying from You. Let Your great love draw us back when we are tempted to look away. In Jesus’ name. Amen.