You Can't Get Good Help Anymore

Bruce Hoffman

READ : 2 Kings 5:19-27

Last summer, an employee of our church landscaper carelessly allowed the lawnmower to “catch” the corner of our patio carpet. The result was it devoured one square foot. When we showed the shredded remnants to the boss, he said: “You can’t get good help anymore!”

Those may have been the exact words of Elisha when he learned that his “trusted” servant Gehazi had attempted to “pull a fast one.” Naaman, the commander of a foreign army, had just been miraculously healed of leprosy after finally following instructions from Elisha. Appropriately, he offered gifts to Elisha who kindly declined to accept. Gehazi saw an opportunity to capitalize on the situation and reap the rewards. However, he was quite unaware that Elisha was very aware of what he was doing. Elisha confronted him and Gehazi suffered permanent consequences for his sin.

What’s sad is that ordinarily Gehazi was an excellent servant! One moment of extreme temptation is found to be irresistible and he blows his whole future! How foolish! How important it is for each of us to labor faithfully, work unselfishly, serve gladly and give our bosses no reason ever to repeat to another the title of today’s meditation.


Thank You, Lord, for being our Great Helper. We pray that You will help us to be one of those of whom You will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We ask this in the name of Christ.