Full, Full, Full

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Acts 6:1-6, 8-15

Generally, the word FULL brings a feeling of satisfaction to our lives a FULL stomach, a FULL cupboard, or a FULL cup of our favorite beverage.

Fullness is also a desired quality for our spiritual lives. Stephen, the first martyr of the church, was FULL of many qualities that all of us should covet. Did you notice how often the word FULL is applied to the life of this great saint?

Stephen was FULL of faith (v. 5). He had faith in the power of God. Verse 8 says that he was FULL of grace. Even when his enemies were stoning him to death, his last words were gracious (7:60).

The first deacon was FULL of power . . . not of a physical dimension so as to take on his enemies with a stone-throwing contest, but of the power of God’s Spirit to work miraculous signs (v. 8).

Stephen was FULL of Scripture. Acts 7 finds him telling the Jewish authorities the history of God’s people. He knew his Bible! He was also FULL of wisdom (6:3,10). If there were questions in the early church regarding distributions by the deacons, Stephen’s advice was probably sought.

Last, but not least, Stephen was FULL of courage as he boldly faced his enemies. He would not recant! Are you striving (with God’s help) to be as FULL of these qualities as was Stephen?


Lord, help us to empty ourselves of self so that You may fill us with Your Holy Spirit. In Christ. Amen.