A Persevering Faith

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Mark 5:24-34

She suffered for twelve years. If she had lived in our day, she would have known every piece of music played in every doctor’s office. We don’t know her name, but we know that she was a woman of faith who desperately wanted to be cured of her misery.

The physicians of her day were not able to prescribe medicines or engage in operational procedures which would bring relief! Her condition only grew worse, says Mark.

She had heard of Jesus, the great healer. Determined to end her misery, she pursued Him. One day, her opportunity came. She reached out and touched Jesus’ clothing. She believed that if she could just touch a thread of the garment He wore, she would be cured. And it happened!

I believe Mark includes this story in his gospel because this hurting person is a beautiful example of our need to practice persevering faith! Others would have given up long ago and resigned themselves to endless pain. Sometimes God does not choose to heal; but this is no excuse for us to stop believing in God’s concern for us. I have yet to meet someone who says: “I persevered in my belief in the Lord too long and am sorry for it.” I know I’ll never meet such an individual! Continue on with a faith in God’s power that will not die!


Faithful God, help us to keep our eyes upon the Savior who loves us. In His precious name. Amen.