Meet Dr. Luke

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Colossians 4:14
2 Timothy 4:11
Philemon 1:24

His full name is “Lukanos,” but it’s the shortened form “Luke” by which he is known. He’s a medical doctor, one of the most revered professions in every generation. But he’s not only an “MD”; he is also the inspired author of the third Gospel and the Book of Acts. In addition, he’s known as a dear friend of and fellow worker with Paul.

Personally, I have great admiration for those who labor at physical healing. My admiration for a medical doctor is significantly increased, however, when I note his/her involved concern and active contribution to other spiritually oriented areas of life.

In our community, we have a Christian surgeon who maintains a full medical practice, but who also reaches beyond his chosen profession to serve God on the boards of several Christian ministries. In addition, this doctor is a supportive and warm friend to many. Furthermore, he’s an active churchman!

Many of us labor at our vocations and that’s honorable. Dr. Luke’s life demonstrates for us that there are other areas of life around us where our talents, loving support, and godly concern can make an impact for God! It’s been good to have met you today, Dr. Luke!


Lord, help us to use the gifts that You have given us, no matter how large or small we may think they are. In Jesus’ name. Amen.