Nic at Night

Bruce Hoffman

READ : John 3:1-15

Our cable TV has a channel named Nickelodeon which features old programs and movies made decades ago. The name refers to those days of yesteryear when admission to a movie theater was a mere five cents. Evening programs are featured under the theme of “Nick at Night.”

Another “Nic,” of a very different era, was Nicodemus who came to see Jesus one evening to learn more about Him. Nicodemus was a Pharisee and a member of the ruling Jewish council. While many of his colleagues were threatened by Jesus, Nicodemus was impressed by the Master and wanted to know more about Him. A very commendable quality about Nicodemus unlike his contemporaries, he came to Jesus with an open mind. Someone has said: “Minds are like parachutes . . . they only function when open.” A Christian can grow spiritually only when the mind is open to new insight into the truth.

What baffles me about Nicodemus is that he knew so much and understood so little! Here is a spiritually educated man who is woefully ignorant. There are some people today who have listened to thousands of sermons and still do not grasp the truths of the Christian faith. If we come to Jesus (as “Nic” did) and openly partake of the truth He freely offers, we will be enlightened and never disappointed!


Open our eyes, minds and hearts to hear Your voice, Lord. May we be tuned to hear You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.