Listening to the Voices of Experience

Bruce Hoffman

READ : 1 Kings 12:1-14

He had it made and he blew it! Rehoboam was a very wealthy king who inherited the kingship of Israel after Solomon died. He made a terrible mistake during the early days of his reign which literally divided the nation. Though the son of the wisest father who ever lived, Rehoboam displayed gross stupidity with his unfortunate decision.

Solomon was wealthy and wise, but the people suffered during his reign. The people therefore came to Rehoboam and urged him to ease their burdens. Before making a decision on this request, Rehoboam sought advice from the older, experienced men of Israel and also from his own peer group.

The input given by the two advisory committees was as different as night and day. The experienced group advised the king to go easy with the people as they feared a revolution. Rehoboam’s peers counseled him to be tougher than his father, and he heeded their faulty advice. Israel was split and Rehoboam almost died. I have discovered that the voices of experience most often give the best counsel. While those of many years don’t know everything, their advice has usually proven to be best. I am thankful especially for my parents and the advice they offered me. Wise was I when I listened.


God of all wisdom, thank You for those who have gone before us and have given us godly advice. Through Christ. Amen.