Educated, Eloquent, But…

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Acts 18:18-28

As preachers go, Apollos possessed a lot of the qualities that present day “pastoral search committees” are looking for in their next minister.

Our Bible reading says that Apollos was very learned in the Scriptures. What a valuable asset it is to sit under the preaching of one who has been thoroughly trained in God’s Word. But he also possessed what every church thirsts after in their minister ELOQUENCE in the pulpit. He had the gift of communicating the truths of God’s Word in a way that kept his hearers spellbound! He had a way of saying something that drew the crowds. No sleeping when Apollos preached!

But for all of his education and eloquence, Apollos did not proclaim God’s message in the “power of the Holy Spirit.” He only knew of the baptism of John, a baptism for repentance. John’s baptism, while good, did not go far enough. One day, Priscilla and Aquila, loving laypersons, quietly explained to Apollos the importance of the Holy Spirit in preaching as the Agent of God who convicts us of sin, gives birth to saving faith in Christ, and nurtures the believer.

Do you pray for your pastor that he or she will be used of God to preach with Holy Spirit power? When was the last time you told your pastor that a sermon helped you to be a stronger Christian?


Lord, when I need correction, give me Your grace to accept it joyfully. In Jesus’ name. Amen.