Questioning the Patience of Job

Bruce Hoffman

READ : Job 2:1-10

Until I sat under the seminary teaching of Dr. Lester Kuyper, I had always thought of Job as the ideal of PATIENCE. Dr. Kuyper pointed out the many ways in which Job demonstrated anything but a patient attitude with his unenviable situation. Certainly, Job did not accept his suffering with silence, but often verbally expressed his misery and his absolute puzzlement with God and His ways.

Where Job deserves much credit is that he was STEADFAST with his confidence in God! Complain as he frequently did, he never crossed that distinct line separating belief from rejection of God. His wife urged him to recant his faith in God; his own friends offered little encouragement. Yet Job’s faith remained strongly intact!

In my pastoral ministry, I have encountered many who have expressed much impatience with God amid trying situations. Job’s frequent cry was “Why” or “Why me?” I hear those same words often and I have no easy answer that brings immediate relief.

As a minister, I urge impatient and questioning people to be eternally steadfast in their faith in the goodness of God. The Lord eventually rewarded Job for his “never say die” belief. We are always wisest when we too can pass the unwelcomed tests of life with a steadfast faith in the Almighty!


Merciful Father, give me strength each day to be steadfast in trusting You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.