God Can Use Me at Any Age

Bruce Hoffman

READ : 2 Samuel 17:21-29

Though little known, Barzillai was an 80-year-old who gave strong support to David in his battles with his rebellious son Absolom. Without Barzillai’s assistance in bringing supplies to the battlefront, David’s victory over Absalom and his renegade friends might not have happened!

Barzillai is an example of the usefulness of people well on in years. A Christian ought to retire from a paying vocation at a certain point in life, but a Christian never calls it “quits” in the Lord’s work. There are many opportunities for service for the Lord after our regular working years have ended. Physical problems may thwart what one can do at an advanced age. Yet I think of a beautiful 85-year-old member of our church who is confined to a nursing home, but who has a ministry of using the phone and encouraging other bedridden Christians!

In our changing world, many people are dismissed from their jobs because of mergers, buyouts, cutbacks, and the like. As long as we live, God never “lays us off” from doing responsible service for Him. That service may be done through physical or mental labor or even from the confinement of a nursing home bed that is equipped with a telephone! God needs more imitators of Barzillai. At your age, what are YOU doing for the Lord?


Lord, fill us with Your Holy Spirit and make us willing and ready to serve You all the days of our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.