The Bigger The Come……

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Jeremiah 48:14-33

The words addressed to ancient Moab that we have just read have an ominous ring for us who live in the midst of rising crime, decline of the family, ethnic cleansing, corporate greed and polluted sex. When, like Moab, those who have “made it,” who enjoy their “summer fruits” and “vintage,” forget the One who blessed them, there is going to be big trouble ahead.

The Church of Jesus Christ, Reformed (reshaped) according to the Word of God, is supposed to be a place where every ethnic group, every economic and social group gathers to sing their praises to God. But just as soon as “we” look from our “loftiness” at “them” as not belonging, we are heading down the same road that led to Moab’s fall.

God’s way has always been, “The more you give to others, the more you will be blessed.” But what do we hear at our consistory and congregational meetings? “Where’s it gonna come from? We gotta take care of our own needs first.” And while our world crumbles around us, we huddle together for warmth. God will certainly hold us responsible.

Moab laughed at Jeremiah’s warning. Would anybody laugh today?


Lord, before it is too late for us, wake us up to the wonder of the gospel, that Your riches in Christ Jesus are inexhaustible. In His name. Amen.