Those Pesky Elamites

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Jeremiah 49:34-39

Elam was a country 200 miles east of Babylon. Their capitol, Susa, lies in ruins in Southwest Iran today. Back in Genesis 14 their king made a raid all the way to the west into Palestine and captured Lot and all his family. Quite different from the Bedouin of Kedar and Hazor (against whom Jeremiah prophesied in our reading of yesterday), the Elamites were a war-like people who trusted in the bow and arrow.

Speaking for the Lord, Jeremiah announces that these mighty warriors will be terrified and conquered, losing their national identity to a conqueror stronger than they. This happened under the Persians, who not only conquered them, but made Susa one of their royal cities. The events of the book of Esther take place there.

But most thrilling for Christians, on the day of Pentecost there were Elamites, speaking their own language “telling the mighty works of God.” Jeremiah predicted it. Luke announced it.

Do you really believe that the Muslims are going to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, just like us? As Christians in the Book of Acts rejoiced, imagine the rejoicing among our children and grandchildren. Praise the Lord!


Lord, there are so many angry people in the world today, so many bent on killing and destroying. We pray for their liberation from the power of hate and death, through Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen.