History Confirms Prophecy

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Jeremiah 52:1-6

These verses are sort of tacked onto the body of the prophecies of Jeremiah by someone who wanted the whole world to know that what Jeremiah predicted actually happened.

Zedekiah, who had been made the vassal- king by Nebuchadnezzar when his nephew King Jehoiakim was defeated, thought he would be some kind of hero by rebelling against Babylon after nine years of submission. The story of his downfall is recorded word for word in 2 Kings 24. There is a lesson to be learned in these words. We human beings do not take chastening well. We don’t like to be reproved.

They tell us that we are living in the “Now” generation. People are not content to patiently work and wait for the good things God has promised. They want them NOW. Liberation from the Exile did come in 536 b.c., exactly as Jeremiah had predicted in the 25th chapter. It is not for us to know the times and seasons which the Father has fixed, it is for us to know that we have received power through the Holy Spirit and that we are to be Christ’s witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:7,8).

Signs of the Spirit’s saving power are all around us. Along with Christians of the first century a.d., we too can “look up . . . because [our] redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:28).


Lord, this man Zedekiah was impatient, just like us. Teach us the lessons of faith and trust in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.