Worse Punishment Than Sodom

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Lamentations 4:1-11

War is hell! What we have read today is unspeakably horrible. Jeremiah comments that Sodom was at least destroyed in an instant while Jerusalem’s agony keeps going and going and going.

We react to this text in about the same way we react to the Bible texts about hell. We ignore them. We don’t preach on them. We don’t include them in our Christian Ed curriculum. And normally we don’t include them in Words of HOPE devotions.

But they are there. And we all know it. Yet we ignore them. Has anybody decided to skip any more reading in Lamentations and begin again next month?

What is so sad is that it all could have been avoided. There is no inevitable fate that condemns any of us to suffering here and in eternity. God promised protection and provision for a people who took His Word seriously and obeyed it.

He promises the same thing to us who live between the two advents of Christ. Even in persecution we will be lovingly guarded by Him. Only a fool would walk the broad way that leads to the kind of destruction that we read about today. Do you know any?


Lord, there is some of the fool in each of us today. Wash it out of us and keep us on the Jesus’ Way, through the narrow gate that leads to heaven. In His name. Amen.