Christmas Presents

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Matthew 1:18-24

My Christmas shopping begins with January sales. Gifts purchased early have to be well hidden. Hiding places such as under the bed, the pantry, and the front hall closet are soon filled to capacity.

Eventually, the week of Christmas arrives and it’s time to begin wrapping. That’s when the search begins. “Let’s see, didn’t I buy Bruce navy-blue socks, and Ryan a book? Where is the tie for David and Jacob’s game?” After a bit of frantic searching, I dismiss my thoughts with, “That must have been last year.” December 25 comes and goes.

Now it’s September. Our Labor Day tradition is to walk the Mac Bridge in northern Michigan with friends. In the process of packing, I go to the pantry and take out the green plaid thermos bag that gets used once a year when we walk the bridge.

“What? What’s this?” I see a mysterious plastic bag tucked alongside the thermos bag. Out tumbles the forgotten “hidden” Christmas gifts. What a wonderful surprise! (And, so out of season.)

The Christmas story in September? Perhaps the Scripture text for today seems out of season. But isn’t it a wonderful surprise when we find God’s gift to us in unexpected places? The gift of His Son is not unwrapped solely on Christmas. It is ours to receive and celebrate daily. Merry Christmas today!


Lord, help me to find Your gift in everyday places. In Jesus’ name. Amen.