Maplewood School

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Psalm 78:1-7

It had only four rooms. The red brick school was very different than the city school I previously attended. Instead of institutional tile, the country school had creaky wooden floors. The blackboards seemed lower. The old, worn oak desks were more comfortable. Eleanor, a student who took piano lessons, helped us start each day with singing.

There were no hot lunches. Lunches were carried in either a pail or sugar bag. At noontime, the room smelled of egg salad sandwiches and oranges. Some brought milk in re-used mayonnaise jars.

After lunch it was out to the playground no streets to cross, no gates to open, or fences to confine us. Since playground equipment was limited, a softball game was often in progress. Evelyn had her own mitt it was too big so I think it was a leftover from her brother, Mike. She was a good player I always thought it had to do with her mitt.

I have such fond memories of Maplewood School I felt so happy there! How wonderful to reflect on the “good ole days.” Today’s Psalm encourages us to do just that. We are to remind the next generation of the wonders God has done for us.

Have you shared your experiences with others? We should talk about those “good ole days” so the next generation will trust in God and remember His deeds. What wonder has God done for you, personally?


Lord, help me to witness to others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.