Karen Rose Ming

READ : Psalm 139:1-16

Every recess we talked about it the birthday party. She said we’d go sledding down the hill first, followed by games and everyone would win a prize. There would be cake and hot fudge sundaes. She said we could put as much hot fudge as we wanted on our ice cream. The five of us talked about it for weeks. I felt like I was truly a member of the “in group.”

A week before the party, squeals of delight were heard during morning recess as each girl was handed an invitation. I held out my hand, but there were no more invitations.

How could this be? The birthday girl explained, “My mother said I can’t invite you because she doesn’t know you.” I swallowed hard and choked back tears as I covered up by saying, “I don’t care I don’t even like hot fudge.” What a lie! I loved hot fudge.

That was a long day! I couldn’t wait to get home. I ran into Mother’s arms sobbing, “She didn’t invite me.” In her sweet, sensitive way, mother assured me, “If her mother knew you, she would think you were the best girl in the class.” What a mom!

Today is my birthday and I have the pleasure of inviting you to celebrate. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know who you are, because my heavenly Father already knows each one of you! Come celebrate (and we just might have a hot fudge sundae for dessert)!


Lord, I celebrate the person You created me to be. In Jesus’ name. Amen.