Did You Get the Mail?

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Luke 17:11-19

It is evident the mailman has been here. Our mailbox is nearly filled. The weekly magazine is on the bottom. On top is a bright yellow envelope marked “occupant” probably just an advertising mailer. Several gray envelopes are probably bills. There’s also a flier of restaurant coupons, Bruce’s fall softball schedule and more “junk mail.”

Somewhere in the pile I spot an envelope without a formal mailing label the address is handwritten to “Karen and Bruce.” Curious, I tear it open right away. Inside is a card which reads “Thank You, Mom and Dad.” Among all the other mail is a thank you from our very own child! I clench it tightly not wanting the wind to blow it away. How touched I am that Jo-Ellen would say “Thank you.”

Then I remember that I am a child of God. When was the last time I “sent” Him a thank You note? So often I send Him only the junk mail. So often I treat Him as “occupant” instead of my personal heavenly Father. I tell Him only my hurts and frustrations and forget to send the “Thank You.”

Today’s lesson teaches that faith is incomplete without gratitude. Ten lepers were healed. Only one said “Thank You.” What a demonstration of how we are to respond to God’s healing grace! Grateful living is our thank You card to God.


Lord, thank You for all You’ve done in my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.