Ride Your Bike

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Isaiah 55:1-7

It was two miles from home to the Jr. High School, “just a nice distance to ride your bike,” we told Jo-Ellen. Almost every day in the spring and fall, she made the trip to and from school on her bike with a friend Lynn and her sister Chris.

One day after the last bell rang, the girls packed up their books ready to start the trek homeward. Lynn noticed her back tire was rather soft. The trio decided to air it up before riding home. A gas station across from the school seemed a logical choice and they found the attendant willing to help.

He must have been used to “filling it up” (the gas tank, that is) and he used the same method on the soft tire. Ssssssssssssssssss…and then…POP! The tire was now nothing more than shreds of black rubber.

The bewildered girls slowly and sadly began pushing the bike home. When Chris and Lynn’s father heard their story he asked somewhat unbelievingly, “Why did you push the bike home two miles when only three blocks from the school there is a bike shop?”

Do we turn to God when we need help or do we go miles out of our way as we push along our problem? God wants to help us with our “flat tires.” We should “seek the Lord where He may be found.”

Do you know where the bicycle shop is?


Lord, thank You for being right where I need You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.