Cabin Cleaning Day

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Genesis 7:1-5
Genesis 8:6-17

The cabin is peeling, so the task of painting is added to the annual cleaning list. Each fall the family sets aside a day to clean the cabin which is located on my parents’ Christmas Tree Farm. The cabin needs to be readied for the holiday season December brings Christmas-tree shoppers.

As we get started, it becomes obvious that the spiders enjoyed weaving their webs into every crack and corner during the summer. One sister begins to brush down the walls. Our mother removes the red checkered curtains so we can wash the windows. The rugs are swept. The floor is scrubbed, and the outhouse freshened with Lysol. Furniture is brought outside for some airing out.

I reach for the couch. Oh, oh! It’s too heavy. It’s a struggle just trying to move it an inch at a time. Suddenly, my brother Don appears on the scene. I don’t even have to ask him he just grabs hold of one end and together we carry the couch out to the bright sunlight. What a difference his help made!

Paul reminds us that we are to help others. Do you know people who are struggling along barely moving an inch at a time? They need a friend, a neighbor, a member of the church to recognize their struggle. Don’t wait to be asked grab hold and help them carry the load.


Lord, give me the strength to help carry the load. In Jesus’ name. Amen.