Patiently? Waiting

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Genesis 7:1-5
Genesis 8:6-17

The waiting room was filled with people. We, too, were waiting waiting for the results of my mother-in-law’s emergency surgery. We realized there would be more waiting after her surgery waiting for the availability of a nursing home.

Most people don’t like to wait, whether it be at the grocery store, at a traffic light, or for a doctor’s report. For the Christian, waiting can be an opportunity to display trust in God’s timetable.

The story of Noah is a beautiful picture of trusting God’s timing. The Lord said, “I will destroy the earth with a flood, so build an ark.” As we read the Scripture, notice two statements: (1) “He [Noah] did all the Lord commanded”; and, (2) “He [Noah] waited.”

Because Noah trusted in God’s timetable he was rewarded with life. Noah and his family were spared from the violent destruction of the flood.

The ark was complete before there was even any sign of rain and so Noah waited patiently. Can you imagine what kind of remarks Noah heard from his neighbors while he was waiting for the rains to fall?

Like Noah, we wait for God to act. Do we become restless or do we commit that time to the Lord, using it for seeking divine insight and for growing in faith? Remember God is sometimes early, never late, but He is always on time!


Lord, I patiently wait for You to work in my life. In Jesus’ name. A