Slight Answers

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Psalm 55:1-23

It had been a busy day at the office and I was exhausted. I still had to get dinner, and then after dinner there was clean-up. All I could think of was getting things done so I could relax. I was standing at the sink doing the dishes when Jo-Ellen asked a question. Before I could even respond she added, “And mom I don’t like those slight answers.” “A slight answer?” I gulped. “What do you mean?” “You know,” explained the little five-year-old, “when you’re tired and really not paying attention to me, you answer with mm-mm or uh-huh.”

God’s response to us is with full attention. His ears are fine-tuned to our every question. His presence everywhere enables Him to respond to us no matter what the situation.

David is totally distraught he even longs for “wings of a dove.” But, he realizes he can not escape his difficult situation. What he can do is call out to his God. David knows he will be heard he will have God’s attention.

Do you recognize His attention to your pleas? Do you hear His words of comfort? Do you feel His compassionate eyes on you when you’re hurting? Do you feel His loving arms around you when you’ve been rejected? Do you feel Him holding you up when you’re too weary to stand alone?”


Lord, thank You for always giving full attention to my pleas. In Jesus’ name. Amen.