Karen Rose Ming

READ : Numbers 13:1, 17-31
Numbers 14:36-37

Bruce brought me ten brown eggs laid by our twelve little red hens. My daughter Abbie-Jo loved to help me wash them. It had become a regular routine and a great way for Abbie-Jo to learn addition. As we washed them, we counted. One egg plus one egg equals two. Two eggs plus two eggs equal four eggs.

“Ring-g-g-g” the telephone caller interrupted our arithmetic lesson. As I left to answer it, I instructed Abbie-Jo, “Don’t touch the eggs while Mommy’s on the telephone.” I was happily chatting away when I heard the sickening splat, splat, splat! Suddenly I looked and saw scrambled eggs on the floor. Before I could reprimand her, this self-assured little one said, “Mommy aren’t you glad not a one landed on the carpet?” I had to admit I was glad but it took a four-year-old’s perspective to show me that.

Moses sent twelve spies to the land of Canaan. All but two came back with negative reports. Their negative outlook demonstrated a lack of trust in God’s ability to protect them. Soon negativity spread among the Israelite community. Their grumblings even included thoughts of stoning Moses and Aaron! God was not pleased. His punishment demonstrated that 40 years of aimless wandering and death. What are the consequences of your grumblings?


Lord, help me to see lands flowing with milk and honey instead of lands full of ugly giants. In Jesus’ name. Amen.