Cabin Traditions

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Exodus 12:1-16, 24-28

Many years ago my father, John Lam, thought it would be fun to have Thanksgiving in the cabin at the tree farm. The family loved the idea and plans went into full swing. Our first year was so successful that it has become the “Lam-clan Thanksgiving tradition.”

The one-room cabin in the woods has no electricity, so adjustments are made. The turkey is roasted at home, then wrapped in blankets and brought to the farm. Water is drawn from the red hand pump and heated over the fire.

After the dishes are washed, the activities begin. Without electricity, there is no TV. Touch football provides a good substitute for some. Others engage in various games and crafts. Praise songs are sung and stories shared. Later, the hay wagon is hitched to the tractor. All 27 of us jump on for a ride to the field to choose the perfect Christmas tree.

Aren’t traditions wonderful? Traditions bind a cluster of people together through special happenings. In Bible times there were many traditions. Our Scripture tells of the Passover which is still celebrated by the Jews today. It reminds them of the providence God displayed to them. It gives them a sense of belonging together as God’s chosen people. Their whole identity is tied to a single tradition. What traditions are you building?


Lord, give us a sense of belonging through traditions centered on You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.