Karen Rose Ming

READ : Exodus 20:1-17

For eighteen years, our family has enjoyed the antics of Abbie-Jo’s pony, Snyder. He lives in the red barn with Pepper, our horse. They have a large fenced- in pasture with plenty of room to roam and grass to graze upon. But Snyder is not content being a pony he thinks he is human. That gets him into trouble.

One day, Bruce was mending the fence when Snyder grabbed hold of the hammer with his teeth and galloped off into the field. Another time, the pony used his nose to tip over a wheelbarrow, loaded with wood.

And then there was the time that Snyder used his nose to unlock the pasture gate. He headed for the garden. There he trampled on tomatoes, pulled out carrots, and started on the sweet corn before we caught up to him. How do you discipline a pony? We couldn’t “put him in the corner” or give him a “time out.” We decided to limit his freedom by attaching him to a chain.

All of us are confronted by rules and boundaries. The Ten Commandments were written by the voice of God through Moses. When we recognize that God wrote the law for His people, we should respond out of obedience. This is not because we love rules, but rather because we love God. Are you choosing to stay within the boundaries He has set?


Lord, thank You for setting the boundaries. In Jesus’ name.