Clean Uniforms?

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Mark 10:42-45
Ephesians 4:11-16

After working for 16 years in a variety of jobs, Bruce enrolled in Hope College he wanted to become a teacher and coach. Since Bruce had not played football in high school, he felt “hands on” experience would be beneficial. Football became the topic at many a dinner table. We were excited when the season opener finally arrived, and our five-year-old daughter would be able to experience football by watching her daddy play.

Both teams formed their huddles, and then lined up for the kick-off. Later, we learned that Jo-Ellen was expecting them to perform like precision-drill teams.

After the kick-off, the receiver went only a few yards when he was tackled. Upon seeing this, Jo-Ellen was visibly upset and exclaimed, “Oh no, now they’re all mixed up and they’re dirty, too.” She failed to understand the game is played on the field not in the huddle. Players are expected to get dirty.

Some say 20% of the people in the church do 80% of the work. Yet, we are all commanded to be servants so that the body of Christ may be built up that means 100% participation on His team! What position are you playing? The church needs committed players with a deep concern for others willing to get on the field and get their uniforms dirty!


Lord, use me on Your team. In Jesus’ name. Amen.