Temporary Fix

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Luke 18:35-43

Four suitcases and a bag of snacks were on board. With map in hand we were ready to roll. Lynn, Wanda, my sister Marilyn and I were headed to Wisconsin. We were anticipating four days of fun.

The weather was beautiful until Wednesday evening. En route to the restaurant, the skies just seemed to open up! It poured! Then wouldn’t you know it we heard “clunk, clunk, clunk.” We pulled off the road. Wanda grabbed her umbrella and as she opened it, out popped the spring. Lynn, the daughter of a mechanic, looked under the van. She discovered the brace that holds the running board in place was loose and dragging. How would we fix it? Ahh, the spring off the broken umbrella . . . but we needed a rope something to tie up the brace. Would you believe a pair of nylon pantyhose? It wasn’t the perfect fix, but it would work just for now.

We look for “right now fixes” during our daily travels, don’t we? The problem is, we need more than a broken spring and pantyhose. It was in the next town an expert mechanic fixed our problem.

The blind man in our Scripture text forgot all about his pride and desperately cried out to the Lord. Are we like the blind man do we display we need fixing? Instead of using a worldly “temporary fix,” we need to ask Jesus (the master mechanic) to change us.

Who is your mechanic?


Lord, I need Your help. In Jesus’ name. Amen.