Straight Pins

Karen Rose Ming

READ : John 2:1-11

Within nineteen months, both our daughters were married. What a mass of preparations had to be made! There were gowns to design, dresses to sew, food to prepare, bouquets to create, music to select, guests to invite. A great deal of time and energy is put into a wedding. And it is not “stress free.” The little stress points become big under the pressure.

I was stressed out, having problems with Jo-Ellen’s wedding gown. I didn’t have enough straight pins to hold the slippery fabric in place while sewing. The frustration of it all was nearly overwhelming. My husband Bruce sensed my despair and VOLUNTEERED to drive five miles to the store for a package of straight pins. As a result, the sewing went better and I regained my composure.

Jesus went to a wedding in Galilee. John 2 tells us that Jesus performed His first miracle at that wedding He changed water into wine. Yet He did more than that. The action Jesus took displayed a spirit of sensitivity to the host of the wedding and all of the invited quests. Can you imagine the stress and frustration felt by the host? He had a houseful of guests and no wine!

Do you know someone who is in a frustrating and stressful situation? Do you react like Jesus with a spirit of sensitivity? Even if it is nothing more than getting straight pins?


Lord, help me to be a stress- reducer. In Jesus’ name.