Karen Rose Ming

READ : Psalm 8:1-9

September 21 the first day of Autumn. What a beautiful time! As I don a sweater and walk down our rural road my eye catches a glimpse of roadside ditches dressed in Queen Anne’s lace. Overhead a flock of geese fly in the clear blue sky. Not only are the ditches beautiful, the trees before me are dressed in a new palette of colors. The poplars favor yellow tones, while the maples are adorned in hues of red.

Our garden is done producing. The once yellow cornstalks now look tarnished. Where green string beans grew, brown withered clusters lie. The melons have ripened and their vines lay randomly in the patch. Autumn gives us a gentle hint that nature is getting ready for her rest during the Michigan winter.

Summer has ended, another season has begun. So it’s time to take down the screens, and put up the storms. Our closet shelf holds sweats instead of shorts. Spinning fans are replaced by a snapping fire.

We know the changing of seasons does not happen by chance. The Creator is certainly evident and “in control.” Think of all the things God is responsible for! Yet, He cares for you and me more than anything else He created. The Psalmist reminds us that “[He made us the] ruler of the works of [His] hands.”

What place do you have in God’s world? And how are you reacting to where He has placed you?


Lord, thank You for the place I have in Your creation.