Furry Creature

Karen Rose Ming

READ : Exodus 14:3-18

As I opened the garage door, a furry creature scurried in. Although startled, I ignored it we live in the woods and often have furry creatures in our garage. That evening, Ryan was also startled by the furry creature but stopped to take a second look. Upon entering the house, he greeted Abbie-Jo with, “Did you know there’s a squirrel in your garage?” Abbie-Jo pulled the door open wide and exclaimed, “Really where?” At that moment, a red squirrel scurried through the open door!

Sw-o-o-sh! The squirrel skittered past our grandson Jacob. “A new pet!” thought Jacob as he grabbed the afghan and began chasing him. The bewildered creature started running even faster, past the fireplace, over the pile of firewood, and past the sliding door, not knowing where to escape. Every once in a while Jacob gave the afhan a toss in hopes of capturing him. In a panic, I scrambled up onto the couch, shouting for my husband. “Bruce, Bruce!”

What a picture of us like Mr. Squirrel, and like the Israelites we go around in circles, not knowing where we are headed. We have no plan, we have no purpose, no direction, and no guide.

The Israelites continued their wandering for forty years because they failed to follow God’s guidance. The promised land was just around the corner. Where are you going?


Lord, help me to trust Your direction. Amen.